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At Stain-Pro we specialize in diamond processing concrete cost efficiently adding Stain -Pro products for aesthetic beauty and durability. Our wide selection of stain color can be seen on our product page color chart. Our Micro-Stain vintage can be applied lighter or darker at your call and to your preference. The applicator will first prepare your concrete by wet grinding opening up your porous concrete and then professionally applying micro stain vintage stain to your concrete floor displaying a sample for your approval. Once the color is approved at the color depth of your preference and staining your project is complete they will then move onto the next step of utilizing Stain-Pro penetrating sealer then honing and polishing and applying concrete conditioner, and stain resistor to your custom concrete floor. Each floor is unique and no two floors turnout the same. We also offer our customers custom floor graphics while leaving the surface nice and smooth without cutting into the concrete creating a dart trap. Almost any imaginable floor graphic can be created for your custom floor.

Our customers enjoy that the majority of the products used are processed into the concrete rather than sitting on top. They are also environmentally friendly and non-flammable. Our diamond processed stained concrete is simply a much more durable product and is easier to maintain and is a wiser long term floor.